Commercial Maintenance

Maintenance is key to extending the life expectancy of your unit. Our maintenance contract on commercial properties allow us to provide a great service at a reduced rate on multi-unit properties. Maintenance contracts allow us in many situations to diagnose a minor problem before it becomes a major repair to the customer.

Checking the condition of air filters, often leads the replacement of air filter in a timely manner, reducing the probability of a coil becoming impacted. Checking the refrigeration level of your air conditioning system before the start of the cooling season reduces the likely hood of low Freon charge causing a compressor to lock up because of lack of refrigeration. There for this reduces the cost of many repairs of the HVAC system.

A visual inspection of contactors and relays, followed by amp draw analysis with amp meters to ensure that your equipment is operating at peak performance, therefore resulting in therefore resulting in energy cost savings to the customer. We check the condensing fan motor and the blower motor for proper amperages, again ensuring unit is operating at peak performance, and for signs of a weak motor that would result in unit either not blowing, or of a condensing fan motor failure that could lead to compressor failure. Call today to sign up for our maintenance program.