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Which air filter is right for my family’s air conditioner?

You’re standing in the aisle at the hardware store with a blank look on your face. With so many types and brands of air filters, what are their differences and what makes the most sense for your needs?

Don’t get overwhelmed with the choices again. Taylor Made Air has an easy guide to help you understand the differences between the four most common types of air filters available for a conventional central air conditioner. We are specialists in air conditioning repair and service in Apple Valley, CA.

Who is Taylor Made Air and how can we help you?

We’re a local business committed to our community. When you need help getting more performance from your AC, we provide annual maintenance service. If you have a breakdown, we’ll get to your door with speed and take care of your needs with professionalism and friendliness that are unparalleled in our industry.

Let us help you enjoy the things that matter in life – time with your family in a comfortable and safe environment. We’ll start by helping you get in and out of the filter aisle with confidence.

The four types of filters you’re likely to see

  1. Fiberglass filters. These are the most common and least expensive filters on the market. You’ll see a simple plastic wrapped white box constructed with layers of fiberglass supported by metal grating. They work essentially to keep contaminants out of your AC but won’t improve air quality. Use one for a month to three months maximum before tossing it. These filters are best when you have a low budget and don’t have any allergy sufferers in your home. They get the job done but aren’t the best choice. If you can afford it, spring for the next step up.
  1. Synthetic pleated filters. Usually made of polyester, these filters are a step above fiberglass. They are better at trapping dust and have a higher resistance to airflow but won’t cause your bills to rise. If you’re on a budget but want to see an improvement in air quality, these are a superior choice to fiberglass.
  1. High efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filters. With a finer scale than synthetic and fiberglass filters, these trap more dust. HEPA filters will cost you more than other types but they are better at improving air quality. For families with young children or allergy sufferers, HEPA filters are the best option. Most filters will need to be changed every two to three months.
  1. Washable air filters. You won’t find as many options for washable filters as they’re a limited market. They contain a cloth barrier that traps dust and can be washed and reused. Since these models can be harder to find in the hardware store, you may want to search for them online. If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly approach to filters and don’t mind hosing your filter down each month, you could really enjoy a washable filter. Consider buying two so you can rotate their use.

Next time you’re at the hardware store, you’ll be able to decide with confidence. Now’s a great time to get your annual service appointment for summer. Call us today at 760-241-0441 for your AC repair in Hesperia and HVAC services in Apple Valley, CA from Taylor Made Air.