High Efficiency Ducts in Hesperia, CAHigh Efficiency Ducts

The average home loses 30 % of its conditioned air through leaky, unsealed ductwork. In the majority of homes built prior to 1995, the ductwork was not UV rated and subject to disintegration. Unseen, and underappreciated, ductwork is the infrastructure (backbone) of your air conditioning and heating system. Your home High Efficiency Ducts control the amount of air delivered throughout your house. If your ducts are leaky, not sealed, not insulated, or improperly engineered it can result in the loss of up to 50% of your system’s ability to heat or cool, effectively, or efficiently. Give us a call for your free ductwork evaluation.

Things You Need to do so Your Duct Systems can Perform

A duct system with many twists turns, or indirect routing also affects the efficiency of your HVAC system. If some rooms in your house are not as comfortable as others, you may need to have your duct system redesigned. Let our NCI certified residential air balancer develop an updated duct system using current standards, and codes to optimize your equipment’s performance. In addition to reduced comfort, the extra work that your air conditioning and heating system do costs you money, as well as wear and tear on your air conditioning and heating equipment. If your ductwork is not professionally designed, installed, sealed and insulated, there is absolutely no way you can receive the best performance of your system regardless of your equipment’s efficiency. Our duct work technicians will help you get more out of your air ducts.

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