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Should I get my AC Serviced After the Storm?

Southern California just suffered the “biggest storm of winter” and it’s left many of our customers wondering about their air conditioning performance. Between big drought and floods of rain, the outdoor parts of a central air unit have been exposed to a lot of nasty weather.

Outdoors, you have two main components to your air conditioner. Both the compressor and condenser are the hottest parts of the unit, and they sit outdoors in a weather protected box. Though it’s not always the case, this kind of tumult can cause a minor issue to grow into a larger problem if left unnoticed.

Now is a good time to check for signs you need a repair, so that any malfunctions related to the storm can get addressed quickly.

A Little Note on Maintenance First

If you aren’t already, you should be doing two things to keep your AC running it’s best. First, as a homeowner, you should replace the air filter on your unit following the manufacturer’s recommendations. For most, that will be once every three months. Set a reminder on your calendar and check if it’s dirty. Keeping filter changes on a schedule will keep your home air quality high. It also will help avoid buildup of dirt and clogs that lead to problems.

Secondly, you should get an annual maintenance checkup on your unit. We offer senior and military discounts on all our services, including maintenance. This yearly appointment ensures your AC is running efficiently and helps you avoid costly repairs and higher utility bills.

air conditioning repair and service in Hesperia, CA

Signs to Get a Repair

  1. Your AC is constantly running and never reaching the cool temperature setting you selected. If your AC never shuts off, not only will your bills be high, but something isn’t allowing your system to work right. It could need a refill on coolant or have a mechanical issue. Try to think back to when this started, was it before or after the storm hit?
  1. Your energy bills are going up but your use hasn’t changed. This means your AC is working harder and harder to keep your home comfortable. The storm could have caused a blockage or moved something in your outdoor condenser or compressor.
  1. Around the house, uneven temperatures make some rooms too cold and others too hot. This is a sign your AC pressure is off or the fan is having issues. A repair service can determine what to do next.
  1. It’s never quite comfortable. Your AC is working, but can’t get your home properly cooled. Put your hand over the vent to see if you feel cool air coming out. If it feels less cold than before, you should call to have a technician check it out.
  1. Your Air Conditioner is 10 years old or older. A good AC unit can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance. Having a technician look at it’s current performance can help you decide if keeping the same unit and paying for repairs and coolant refills is a better investment than buying a newer, higher efficiency model.

Taylor Made Air will help you make sure your unit works right after the storm. Call us for AC repair in Victorville, CA and AC repair in Hesperia, CA today at 760-241-0441.