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Signs That Your AC Needs A New Thermostat

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Okay, so you service your AC regularly, you cleaned the outside unit this spring, and you change your filters regularly. Thanks to this you feel confident as you tell yourself, “Nothing can go wrong with my AC this summer. I take care of my AC, and it’s going to take care of me!”. You are finally confident that AC repair in Hesperia CA bills won’t come knocking!

Not so fast! How confident are you about your thermostat?

The thermostat is the brain of your HVAC system. It controls your AC equipment to maintain the desired temperature. If the brain isn’t working properly, how can you expect the body to function?

No matter how good of a condition your AC system is in, a malfunctioning thermostat will make sure that your home doesn’t maintain the desired temperature. Look out for the following signs of a faulty thermostat so that you won’t have to pay for air conditioning repair Hesperia CA for no reason.

Your AC isn’t responding:

If your AC isn’t maintaining the desired temperature, chances are that your thermostat is not located in the right spot. If it’s located in the coldest part of your house, it’s going to think that your house is already cool.

This will then cause your AC to stop supplying cool air. Also, thermostats placed in direct sunlight can keep the AC from maintaining the optimal temperature.

Blank screen:

If your thermostat has a blank screen, you should replace the battery. This is one of the very common problems homeowners in Hesperia, and around the world encounter. Thankfully, the problem has an easy fix.

Cooling cycles are too short:

In order to sustain the desired temperature or setpoint, HVAC system employs cycles of cooling and idling. If your thermostat is malfunctioning, those cycles get disturbed. If the cycles are too short, your house won’t cool properly. While most homeowners do not pay attention to these cycles, it’s can be a good trick to avoid paying for air conditioning repair Hesperia CA.

Disobedient AC Letting You Down On A Hot Day:

If your AC just refuses to turn on after you set a lower temperature on your thermostat, It’s likely that your thermostat is the culprit. Since thermostats are electronic devices, a variety of things can go wrong with them.

Some problems relating to your thermostat are easy to fix, whereas others require trained HVAC technicians. You don’t have to be worried – thermostats are easily and inexpensively fixed even if you call for professional help.

At Taylor Made Air Inc, our technicians are trained to look for common problems, like thermostats and fuses, before complex and costly ones. We don’t want to fix problems your HVAC system does not have!

We have built a reputation for being honest throughout our services, and saving as much money for our customers as possible. This is something we work hard every day to keep.

Call us today 760-241-0441 or take a quick trip to our Contact Us page for consultation and AC repair in Victorville, CA. We guarantee you an honest opinion, fair pricing, quality service, and smiley technicians.