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Summer is fun again with Taylor Made Air

Get your home ready for summer entertaining and relaxation with these simple ideas from our team. Not only will your home be more comfortable, but hosting guests and keeping things clean will be easier than ever before. See what works for you from our helpful list.

  • Make popsicles with the kids. Pick out a recipe online to make your own custom “cooling off” treats. Chocolate chips, pureed strawberries, yogurt, and fruit juice all play into this healthy treat.
  • Tidy up the front entrance. Since your entry is the first place you reach to set down purses, keys, the mail, and jackets, it’s easy for it to pile up with too much stuff. When kids are involved in sports and bring practice gear along with their toys and shoes, the area can quickly get out of control. The effect is walking into chaos rather than coming inside to relax. Plan for your family’s needs by setting up a storage system that works. A bench with cubbies or long-side table with shelving built into the bottom can create a functional crash pad for all the stuff we want off our hands when we walk in the door.
  • Make the entrance even more welcoming with entry rugs. You’ve already made the effort to declutter, now take it a step further by adding some color to tie into your room decor. Find a washable knit or cotton entry rug that will both welcome your guests and track extra dirt from the front entrance.
  • Get the kitchen all fired up. Wipe down counters and remove the extra clutter in the room. Sweep and mop floors, making the room look ready to use and inviting. Keep some wipes handy for quick touch ups. Set out a bottle of wine and a few glasses to invite your spouse to relaxing conversation together.

Taylor Made Air

  • Invite the neighbors to a barbeque. You’ve done some work to organize and tidy your home, now it’s time to enjoy it and show it off. Invite guests to a potluck and have a table ready for the variety of salads and desserts your guests will share. Have meats, marinated veggies, and a vegetarian option for the grill. Get the cooler out to provide help yourself beverages. Remember to prepare the yard for entertaining if you plan to be outside by sweeping the patio and washing down furniture a few days before the guests arrive.
  • Take care of your AC repair in Victorville, CA. You’ve got everything set up to enjoy, so don’t let a noisy or ineffective AC spoil the mood and warm everyone up. If you’ve noticed a decline in your AC’s quality, it’s a good idea to schedule a repair or maintenance visit from Taylor Made Air.

Call us to schedule your AC repair in Hesperia, CA today at 760-241-0441. Taylor Made Air will get you and your family back on the track to comfort and satisfaction at home.