When Does an AC Require Professional Repair Services?

Having to spend a day in your house without a working air conditioner in summer can be very uncomfortable and inconveniencing for you and your family. As the summer approaches, you need to ensure that your system is running efficiently and delivering optimal performance. If you have noticed a problem with your AC, you should hire a professional for reliable air conditioning repair and AC repair in Hesperia area. While this is the case, there are homeowners who do not know how to tell when their heating and cooling system has a problem.
As such, you some of the minor AC repair problems can go undetected and unfixed for a considerable period. If not repaired in time, such simple air conditioning system problems can develop into bigger problems that can stall your system in the middle of the summer. To avoid this, the knowledgeable AC repair professionals, we have at Taylor Made Air recommend swift repairs for simple problems as soon as they are discovered. Here are some of the common air conditioner problems that you should watch out for this summer.

Inefficient Cooling

This occurs when the cooling effect offered by your air conditioner is not in accordance with the temperature setting on the thermostat. In such a case,the indoor temperature in your home will increase despite the fact that the air conditioner is still running. In other cases, the cooling effect offered by the AC unit in your home will not be uniform. This uneven cooling will cause some rooms in the home to be cooler than others. While this may seem to be a simple problem, it can affect the performance as well as the efficiency of your unit. This may be caused by several problems in your air conditioner. As such, you should hire our experienced and highly skilled AC repair technicians diagnose such a system for underlying problems and fix them in a timely manner.


Frozen Coils

Since most air conditioning units have their coils located outside the house, a frozen coil problem can go undetected for a long period. In most of the AC systems we have repaired in the past, the frozen coils had been caused by dirty air filters or poor airflow around the evaporator coil. In other cases, frozen coil in your AC may be an indicator of a refrigerant leakage. Since this problem has many causes, only a skilled professional can identify the actual cause; hence offer a lasting solution.

Reduced Airflow

If this is not your first time to use the air conditioner installed in your home, you probably know the amount of airflow you should expect from the unit. A problem with the airflow in your AC requires immediate air conditioning repair and service in Apple Valley, CA area. This problem often occurs in air conditioners that are not regularly maintained by professionals. Again, reduced airflow in your AC may be caused by several issues in the AC unit or the duct work. This being the case, a set of skills is required to identify the problem and repair it properly.

Regardless of the problem, you should not try to carry out any heating and air conditioning in Apple Valley, CA area on your own, if you are not an HVAC professional. It is advisable to call a professional to diagnose and fix the system whenever it develops a problem. Give us a call today at 760-241-0441 for thorough AC diagnosis and affordable repair services.