The Essence of Heat Pumps Maintenance in the High Desert Area

Heat pumps require regular and top-notch maintenance to ensure that they are working efficiently and reduce your total energy costs. Although there are several useful DIY Heat pump repair in Victorville CA that you can do at home, it is still important to hire a professional contractor for assistance.

Maintenance is Cost Effective

Regular and proper maintenance prevents high replacement costs in the near future. Many people are impressed by the minimal maintenance required by heat pumps. However, this does not mean that these systems should be completely neglected.

There is a 10 to 25 percent difference in energy consumption between a neglected heat pump and a well-maintained one. Furthermore, any reduction in airflow reduces the system’s performance and may end up damaging its compressor.

Key Maintenance Areas

The most important thing to do is to ensure that the pump’s ducts are regularly cleaned to let in clean air into the house. At Taylor Made Air, we offer professional cleaning services and have the equipment required to allow us access to the ducts. We will also clean your pump’s filter and do a visual check of the entire system.

Cleaning the outdoor unit is necessary because it easily attracts dirt and other gunk during summer. Furthermore, it is also recommended to clear the area surrounding your outdoor unit to remove debris, tall grass, and weeds to prevent obstruction.

When you hire Tailor Made Air, Inc., we will inspect your entire system, measure its airflow, insect the refrigerant, lubricate the motors, check the thermostat operation and electric control as well as diagnose and seal possible duct leakage.

We offer furnace service in Apple Valley at affordable prices and have special seniors and military discounts. We serve high desert and its surrounding areas from our offices in Hesperia, California. Furthermore, we meet and exceed all our customers’ specifications. Call us at 760-241-0441 for your heat pumps maintenance service.