Furnace Not Igniting- Here are Some Reasons

Gas furnaces have proven to be the most dependable home heating source over time. However, that does not imply that they will always function when required. They are prone to malfunctions too. Failure to ignite is one of the most prevalent problems with forced air gas furnaces.

Reasons for Gas Furnace Not Igniting

Tripped Circuit Breaker or Faulty Electronic Ignition System 

If the furnace’s blower motor creates a power surge that breaks the circuit breaker, not only will the engine fail to turn on, but the burners will as well. One of the most typical problems with gas furnaces is this. It is a quick and straightforward job for a skilled HVAC technician like furnace service Apple Valley.

Clogged Filter 

Filters that are clogged can potentially hinder the furnace from working. Ensure the filter is clean and that no furniture is blocking the vents or registers. Remember, if you’re not confident in your ability to change or clean the filter yourself, contact a professional who can do it quickly for you.

Faulty Ignition Sensor

It’s important to note that the furnace will not turn on if the pilot light or ignition sensor is malfunctioning. You’ll usually be able to tell if there’s a problem by the clicking sounds the furnace produces before it fires up. If the ignition is dusty, it should be cleaned. 

Turn off the furnace’s gas supply. Remove the front panel; after that, remove the sensor and clean it. Replace the sensor, the front panel, and the gas supply, then switch it on. Ensure the pilot light is lit and the thermostat is set to high. It should start the furnace up.

Problems with Gas Supply

The furnace will not light if it is not supplied with gas. Ensure the gas is turned on. Check other gas-fired appliances in your home if you can’t find the gas valve. If the gas supply is not disrupted, they should switch on. 

If the other devices are turned on, the furnace’s power must be shut off owing to a problem. You’d have to re-ignite the furnace by turning the gas back on. The furnace will start working once it has the fuel it requires to ignite.

Thermostat Problem

Many homes disregard the importance of a thermostat. Ascertain that it is set to heat and that the temperature in your home is colder than the thermostat setting. If the furnace still doesn’t turn on, turn on the fan to force it to turn on and start blowing hot air. 

If the furnace still doesn’t turn on, look at the thermostat to see if an error code is shown. When a problem occurs, most programmable thermostats display error codes. Deciphering the code can help you figure out why your heater isn’t turning on. If you can’t figure out what’s wrong with your furnace, hiring a professional to look at it is better.

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