Getting Your HVAC System Ready for Severe Weather

HVAC systems are necessary to maintain a comfortable environment indoors when the weather takes a toll. Our experts for heating and air conditioning in Apple Valley, CA, suggest that the reason behind the early installation is due to issues that demand expensive repair. These issues can be due to improper installation, excessive usage, or poor maintenance that damages the HVAC system’s functioning.

Expert tips for keeping your HVAC system fit throughout the season!

Here are some DIY tips from our experts that will preserve the HVAC system and reduce the repairs that may affect your monthly budget:

  • Avoid using the HVAC system continuously for more than two hours. Give a break and switch off the HVAC system for an hour or two to avoid overheating, as overheating may lead to new problems.
  • Clean the HVAC system and its components with a brush and damp cloth to remove the accumulated dust.
  • Schedule a maintenance service from our heating services in Hesperia, CA, at the beginning of the season to tune up and fix the HVAC system.
  • Clean the drainage system monthly by pouring a spoonful of baking soda and a cup of vinegar. This small hack will prevent mold from growing inside the pipe and avoid clogging.
  • Replace the air filter at the season’s start and replace the filter every three months if you have a heat pump system.

How to maintain your HVAC system during severe weather?

  • Pack and cover the HVAC system

Tree branches and other debris material can hit the HVAC system and damage the unit. That’s why furnace repair experts in Hesperia, CA, recommend covering the outdoor HVAC system with a tarp or a sturdy material to protect the HVAC unit from flying debris. A cover will also prevent the tiny debris material from causing havoc inside the HVAC system.

  • Use a surge protector

A voltage surge or power failure can damage and destroy the components of the HVAC system. Sometimes, it may cause the system to shut down, or the system may start working improperly. That’s why a surge protector will avoid damage from sudden surges as it deflects the extra voltage away from it.

  • Switch off the HVAC system

The best way to prevent damage and preserve the HVAC system from expensive repairs is to switch it off during harsh weather. It is one of the best approaches to protect your HVAC system from damage by a sudden power surge or failure.

  • Clear the clutter around the HVAC system

Do not forget to clear the clutter around the HVAC system before the storm hits the shore. Our heating service experts in Hesperia, CA, say clearing the surroundings will reduce the chances of damage due to nearby things.

  • Inspect your HVAC system regularly

Regularly inspecting your HVAC system is one of the best approaches to avoid sudden HVAC repair expenses. At least not regularly, but weekly inspections are necessary to ensure your HVAC system works appropriately.

  • Call our HVAC expert for a quick inspection

If during the inspection or when you switch on the HVAC system after the severe weather, call our furnace repair expert in Hesperia, CA, if you notice something unusual in the HVAC system operation.


It is better to get your HVAC system inspected and repaired rather than waiting and assuming the problem will go away with time. The issues in the HVAC system will grow and affect other components’ functioning until it’s fixed.

If you are searching for a trustworthy HVAC service company that takes prompt action on your problems and arrives at your doorstep to resolve your household HVAC problems, Taylor Made Air technicians are here to help you!

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