How to Clean Heating and Air Conditioning Ducts Yourself

Your Air conditioner is all you need to keep your house cozy during hot sunny days. Similarly, living gets unimaginable if you do not have your heating devices turned on during cold winters. It is a piece of device which requires effort and is well maintained to ensure its smooth and easy functioning. Thus one needs to take good care of their cooling and heating replacement Apple Valley to ensure your home air is dust-free and allergen-free!

The Following Tips Can Come In Handy To Keep Both Your Heating and Cooling Devices Dust Free And Odor-Free:

Turn off your thermostat and keep your face well covered

Remember to keep your thermostat turned off when you start with the process of cleaning. Also, ensure that you have covered your face to ensure that your face and eyes do not get exposed to dirt, dust, and allergens.

Keep your helper friend and cleaning tools handy

When you are busy with the cleaning process, you may find it difficult to access nearby tools. Sometimes you may need help from someone to lift or hold tools or devices or reach higher places where vents or air ducts are fixed. Tools you would require would be an old used napkin, paper towels, old brushes, screwdrivers, gloves, your vacuum pipe or hose, etc.

Keep a check on the furnace filters, clean the covers of the vent, clean the ducts

You need to be sure that the filter of your old furnace is fixed well and is in the right place because dust can get released into the environment after the thorough cleaning process. With the help of a paper towel and an old brush, clean the vent covers. Similarly, the ducts can also be cleaned with the help of a brush. 

Use your vacuum hose

Once you clean with the brush, you can now use your vacuum hose. The main supply register can be well cleaned using a vacuum hose. This will help get hold of dust and allergens, which may release while the dirt particles are being cleaned out.

Use a damp cloth

Now you need a wet cloth to clean the inside and outside of your equipment. The same is done to get rid of tightened dust particles. The duct portion needs to be cleaned very well. Also, the vent of the AC can be cleaned inside out using a damp cloth after it has been removed with the help of a screwdriver.

Replace the filter of your furnace

While cleaning, if you realize that the filters look too old or are worn out, you can replace them if need be. Doing so will assure you that the quality of air in your home is dust-free. This will also increase the longevity of your heating and air conditioning devices.

Call for help

If you still feel that cleaning by yourself is uneasy, you can always call for professional help. We at Taylor Made Air are known for our HVAC services in Apple Valley, CA. Our technicians offer the best cleaning and maintenance services for all your HVAC devices and Heating and Air Conditioning in Apple Valley, CA. Because we value our customers, we are known for our on-time customer service. Feel free to book our service through our website