Make Your Heating System Perform Better with These Simple Tips

air conditioning repair and service Hesperia CA
We all hate it when the heating system throws us a curveball right when we need it the most, on the coldest night of the entire winter season, but is there really a way to make sure none of that ever happens? Surely there are things you could have done before the winter kicked in and made sure that nothing more than the thermostat-induced pause causes the temperature to stop rising for a second.

Install controllers to ration the times when the furnace is active

Nothing wastes performance more than having the heat on continuously even when everyone is not in the house for long stretches, which is why you need to have a smart system, one that you can turn off and on using your mobile device. This can come in the form of a thermostat installed and programmed to turn the heat on and off depending on an observed routine, specialists in heating and air conditioning Apple Valley CA can make this possible for you. You could switch the heat off 5 minutes before everyone leaves the house and back on 5 minutes before everyone is back.

Consider alternative energy sources

There are increasingly more types of central heating systems, from electric heat storage to gas and oil burners. Shaking things up and trying new options – if not having new costly installations is a route, try going somewhere there is an alternative heating source being used and see if the rooms feel more comfortable on a cold day, that should help you come up with a decision as to which option you try next. To learn more about the options best suited for your location and current situation AC repair Victorville CA can conduct a site survey and suggest the best options on the market.
air conditioning repair and service Hesperia CA

Insulate, or repair your insulation

Each time the temperature in your house gets higher than that of the blistering cold outside, nature’s tendency to balance things out kicks in and you could lose all that heat to the outside. This is why it is very important to have the house sealed from external elements through layers of insulating material. This makes sure that the warmth generated inside the house stays in the house, this way, no gusts of freezing air will swirl in either.

Turn the fan on, in reverse

When the warm season comes, you use the fan to push air down and around the house spreading a cooling effect, you could use the same fan to spread a warming effect, only this time it has to pull air up instead. Turn the fan on with the little switch that detects which direction it spins flipped, there should be no draft when you are under it, making sure that it is pulling the heavier air up and spreading the air near the roof down to the sides and down. Because it is lighter, warm air always finds itself spread across the surface of the ceiling, and having a way to move it down simply means your furnace works less to get your room at an even temperature, a warm and comfortable one.

There are plenty other ways you could make this winter the warmest you’ve ever had, some include replacing your old system with one more likely to keep you warm and cost you significantly less. Call us on 760-241-0441 to learn more and schedule a visit to assess your heating services Hesperia, CA.