Taylor Made Perfection

Taylor Made Air have been servicing the California area for years. A family owned and operated company which thrives on providing quality service to the community.

Why Choose Us

We are a trusted contractor within the community and have extensive knowledge and skill in the field of heating and cooling equipment. Our competent staff are readily available to evaluate your home for energy efficiency and make suggestions based on their findings.

We are friendly, willing to assist, and offer advice and we are always available to put your mind at ease.

Our finance solutions are in place to make the decision to purchase a new system that much easier, and more affordable for the everyday person. Everyone deserves some comfort, why not make an investment in your home at the same time.

Our emergency line keeps us in touch with you during an emergency situation that just cannot wait. We will have a technician out to see you quickly and get your problem sorted out with little or no discomfort to you.


We are adept at completing installations, carrying out maintenance and repairing air conditioners, and heating equipment as well as the associated equipment.

Heat pumps are one of the heat sources used to power heating systems. These pieces of equipment don’t last forever and over time, wear and tear takes hold and they will eventually stop working. We offer heating services in Hesperia at an affordable price and you are guaranteed superior workmanship and products.

There are warning signs that will reveal if the time is nigh for your current heat pump, and we as trained professionals will quickly and efficiently advise you on whether your heat pump needs replacing or whether repairs are worth the money and time. Honesty is a basis on which we build all our customer relationships and we will tell you exactly how it is, saving you unnecessary costs in the future.

You new pump will be installed according to the specific requirements of your home. The heat pump will efficiently keep your home at a warm and comfortable temperature through the chilly evenings.

Call Taylor Made Air Conditioning if your home is experiencing cold spots and have a technician come out and evaluate your system. Taylor Made Air Conditioning (760)241-0441.