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Taylor Made Air are the professionals servicing the California area and they have been for years. A family-owned and operated company which truly values each and every customer.

Superior service is not an option, it is expected!

Why Choose Us

We are a trusted, well-known and reputable contractor. We have built a reputation based on our dedication to service delivery and our quality workmanship when dealing with heating and cooling equipment.

Our competent staff are well-trained, skilled, qualified, and experienced within their field of expertise and all are willing to assist a customer in need. Friendly faces are what will greet you every time you visit or are visited by one of our technicians. We listen to the needs of the customers and evaluate accordingly. Our suggestions are based on our findings and explanations readily available for customers.

We offer an emergency line because we realize that things do happen and we can’t predict them.

When it comes to heat pump repair in Victorville, CA, the price tags are hefty and sometimes seem unattainable to most. We try to assist our customers by offering various payment options and finance solutions so that you can have the system your family deserves, today.


Our qualified staff and technicians have the necessary expertise to carry out installations from start to commissioning and will ensure that each piece of equipment is tested and working to your satisfaction before leaving your home.

There are many heat sources which are used to power heating systems and it really isn’t as simple as many may think. Complex systems with many parts which are required to work in unison in order for efficiency to be obtained. Boilers, furnaces and heat pumps maintenance are all efficiently carried out by our maintenance team. If your heat source isn’t up to scratch, your system will never work efficiently.

It is recommended that the entire system be regularly maintained, the unit, the ducting, and the heat source, to prevent major damage through wear and tear and accumulation of dust in the equipment. Dirty ducting and equipment can certainly not deliver clean air to your family.

Take care of your family and your heating and air conditioning in Apple Valley.

Call Taylor Made Air Conditioning and experience clean, crisp air at your fingertips. Taylor Made Air Conditioning (760)241-0441.