Top 8 Causes Heating & Air Conditioning Airflow Problems

Have you noticed that some spots in your residence are colder or warmer than others? Is the airflow slow or absent? Maybe the air is hot when it should remain cool, or you hear a bothersome whistle from your heating and air conditioning system.

If this is the case, you are most likely experiencing an airflow issue with your HVAC unit. While these issues are fairly common among homeowners, they can cause the system to underperform and eventually malfunction if not promptly addressed by a professional HVAC services in Apple Valley, CA

Eight causes behind the problematic heating and cooling by your HVAC unit

A faulty air conditioning device results in poor air quality and inconvenience, eventually harming your health. Here are some causes of frequent heating and cooling issues. 

  • Thermostat Error

Sometimes the problem isn’t with your HVAC system but rather with the thermostat. The thermostat remains set to the desired temperature, but the system will not recognize any changes if it is broken. Even a low battery can wreak havoc on airflow. Before you presume there’s a bigger problem, check your thermostat.

  • Clogged Filters 

The filter keeps dust and other harmful particles/components out of your equipment by removing it from the air. You should regularly change the air filters of your system. We highly recommend doing so every 90 days. That may seem over-frequent to several homeowners. However, neglecting it can cause further damage. It may even result in improper cooling, further adding to the inefficiency of the device. 

  • Problems with ductwork

If your flue pipe is leaking or clogged, air may be exiting or accumulating. It is one of the reasons why scheduling regular HVAC upkeep is a good idea.

  • Dampers that are closed

A damper is an internal ducting mechanism that shuts down a specific duct. Dampers are situated near the central unit, allowing the forced air to be directed more efficiently elsewhere in your home. Deterioration in these can also cause your device to underperform.

  • AC unit that is too big

The size of your air-conditioning unit must complement the size/area of the room where it is installed. Otherwise, it may lead to ineffective cooling and a retarded lifespan of the device.

  • Refrigerant levels are low.

Low coolant levels can occur due to leakage. The issue is most common in older, poorly maintained systems. It is, therefore, critical to keep a check on the refrigerant levels and call the professional HVAC specialists as and when required.

  • Dirty condenser coils

Condenser coils are responsible for releasing heat that has been eliminated from your space. Because the coils are part of your exhaust system, they remain exposed to dirt, dust, and wreckage. If they become dirty, your unit will have to work extra hard to cool your space, which will be ineffective.

  • Obstructed vents

While it might appear necessary to position rugs, furniture, and so on over vents, these impediments may inhibit vents from disseminating or taking inadequate air. It is better not to keep any furniture pieces in front of AC vents. 

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