Water Leakage From Your AC? These Could Be The Reasons

After spending an entire day in Californian heat, coming home to an air conditioner that creates puddles in your home is not a good sign. It’s also clear that you have to call a contractor who will come and fix it. 

These technicians are more than equipped to solve the problem your AC is facing. But the question is, do you know why your AC is leaking water? After surveying many CA contractors who provide emergency AC repair in Hesperia, we’ve created a shortlist of reasons.

Top 5 reasons your AC is leaking water

The condensate line is clogged or broken

The condensate line running inside your AC is responsible for redirecting any water that’s generated. However, if this pipe is cracked, broken, or in any way damaged, the water will leak out. Once enough water has collected inside the AC, it will drip out to your floor and form a puddle.

The drainage line is disconnected

Another important part of the AC, this line redirects the water so that it won’t interfere with the electrical wiring. However, this line can become loose. For example, if your unit has been moved recently, then the drainage line may be disconnected. If this is the problem, you should immediately call a local contract that provides AC repair in Hesperia.

The drain pan is clogged or cracked

The drain pan collects all the condensed water and redirects it towards the condensate and drainage line. However, if this pan is cracked or rusted, it can easily cause the water to drip out and into the other units. 

The evaporator coil is frozen

If your evaporator coil is frozen, the air inside your air conditioner is cooling at a faster rate than expected. This causes the amount of condensate to increase. This increased water condensation will then drip down and onto the floor.

The condensate pump is damaged

The condensate pump uses pressure to remove water from the air conditioning unit. However, if the condensate pump is damaged or cracked, it can no longer generate the same pressure. In this case, the water starts collecting on the condenser plate until the plate overflows.

These are the five main reasons your air conditioner is leaking water. In such a situation, the best thing to do is to call a contractor who provides AC repair in Victorville, CA. These problems can also be avoided by having regular inspections and maintenance on your air conditioner unit.

What if the leaked water isn’t transparent?

If the leaking water isn’t transparent, it is the refrigerant. Refrigerant leaks can happen due to many reasons. They usually happen due to wear and tear damage of the refrigerant pipe or If the joints have come loose during transportation.

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