What are the 7 most common problems with Furnaces?

During the winter, furnaces are the most commonly used machines in any household. Unfortunately, with use, they are bound to have problems. However, before you contact a technician for furnace service in Apple Valley, read this article.

Seven common problems of furnaces:

Cracked heat exchanger

Without regular maintenance, the clogging inside a heat exchanger may increase, which will result in it cracking. After cracking, the only option that remains is to replace the exchanger, which can become expensive.

Dirty Filters

When you inspect your furnace, you may notice that there are filters inside the mechanism. These filters block out particles of dust and maintain your indoor air quality. However, a dirty filter will cause your furnace to work extra hard, which will result in a shutdown.

Belt problems

The blower belt is responsible for making sure that the furnace is working smoothly. With use, this belt can become frayed or loose, which may cause it to slip down. This can be detected by a constant high-pitched noise coming from your furnace every time it is turned on.

Thermostat problems

The thermostat determines which temperature is maintained in your home. However, if the thermostat isn’t inspected regularly, the calibration inside it may slip. This can cause overheating or under-heating of the premises. In some cases, it is also the reason for uneven heating in different parts of the house.

Ball-bearing problems

The furnace contains many metal parts – one of which is the ball bearing. If you hear a squeaking noise at regular intervals or a constant scraping, it is an indication that your ball bearing has either broken down into several parts or has cracked severely. In such a situation, it is important to replace the broken parts immediately, or it will cause more problems.

Infrequent cycles

The furnace works in regular cycles of heating to maintain the temperature of your home. However, if you notice that the cycles aren’t as frequent, i.e., sometimes the room gets too hot, other times it gets too cold, then there is a problem with your furnace. Additionally, you can also detect this if there’s a delay between you pressing the ‘on’ or ‘off’ switch and the furnace responding to the command.


Any noise that can be heard from across the room indicates that your furnace is in danger. Ideally, a furnace shouldn’t make a noise.

What to do next?

Have you detected one or more of these problems in your furnace in the past week? Then it is time to call your technician for furnace repair Hesperia, CA and have the professionals take a look. While many DIYs are available, we recommend a professional because they have more hands-on experience with the machine and are likely to fix it without causing additional problems in the future.

Not sure who to call?

If you’re a CA resident looking for furnace service apple valley and heating services Hesperia CA and aren’t sure who to call, contact us at Taylor Made Air Inc. We provide the most reliable and long-lasting service!