What Furnace Component Requires the Most Expensive Repairs?

n unexpected HVAC failure is never a welcome surprise. Repairing HVAC equipment is challenging and can be risky, especially if homeowners attempt to handle situations on their own. For safety reasons, we recommend hiring a licensed, professional technician to do any repairs needed. Some furnace components are more expensive to repair than others. This post will provide more information in reference to this topic. 
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What is the most costly part to fix on a furnace?

  • Faulty compressor
    The compressor moves the refrigerant throughout your HVAC unit and removes humidity and heat. If the coils have become dirty and you did not address this during furnace service, the unit will be subject to additional stress, which could cause it to overheat or fail. 
    Repairing the compressor or its coils is among the most expensive and time-consuming HVAC repairs. It can cost between $1,000 and $2,000 to replace a compressor.
  • Bad condenser
    Your HVAC system consists of two components that are an indoor unit as well an outside unit. A condenser is an outdoor unit that transfers heat from the outdoors through condensation. It is susceptible to malfunction due to various problems, such as refrigerant leaks and electrical issues, as well as destruction caused due to debris. 
    Because the condenser comprises several components, furnace service experts can spend hours diagnosing and fixing the issue. This means that repair costs can be high.
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  • Refrigerant leaks
    When refrigerant levels are low, the condenser must perform harder to keep the indoor air at the right temperature. If the condenser is forced to be too busy over a prolonged time, it can end up in a complete breakdown.
    It can take more time for a trained technician to identify, pinpoint and repair a leak in the refrigerant and could cost you hundreds of dollars, or more. 
    If your system suffers from an issue with the refrigerant, our service technician will need to recharge the refrigerant and fix the leak during service. There are other instances where refrigerant leaks stress condensers and coils, which is why you need to check them for any damage as soon as possible.
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  • A faulty blower motor
    The blower motors are accountable for moving air throughout your system to allow it to reach the proper temperature in every zone. When the motor of your blower begins to fail, you’ll probably notice that your fuse continues to blow. 
    The motor uses excessive power when stressed, causing the system to run at a lower speed. The reason for this is usually dirt accumulation due to inadequate maintenance. This is a costly problem to fix. 
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How do you avoid costly repairs?

  • Check the specific heating system components. 

This includes checking the system’s gas pressure connections, gas or oil connections, and heat exchanger. A trained technician must deal with these issues if the connections aren’t working or your heating system has a damaged heat exchanger. If you do not address these issues, they could result in fire and various health hazards.

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  • Think about a preventive maintenance program.

A regular check-up can help your HVAC system operate more efficiently. The unit will also last longer in service if you take care of it and perform regular maintenance. If adequately handled by a skilled technician, your unit can last up to 20 years. Many significant issues with heating and air conditioning systems begin as minor issues that aren’t addressed immediately or are left unaddressed. 

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