What Size Furnace Do I Need?

Furnaces have become a must in frosty winter times. Choosing a perfect new furnace for your home can be a task since they come in a myriad of shapes and sizes, with each of them having different features and systems. You must choose a furnace that suits your home and works efficiently. 

It is suggested to contact an HVAC professional who would guide you to choose a suitable size of the furnace for your home and thus. Certain factors can help you determine the size of the furnace that would be perfect for your house before you contact for furnace service in Apple Valley. Following are the criteria you must consider before choosing a furnace for your house. 

How to choose the perfect furnace size?

Calculate the square footage

Choosing a furnace that is perfect according to the square footage of your home is necessary since a furnace that is too big or small for the square footage of your house can cause various problems such as it can make you uncomfortable, increase your energy bills, have a shorter lifespan and cause uneven heating. 

Climate zone

Different climate zones have different temperatures and thus have different needs for HVAC systems. Each zone has a different requirement of heating factor, and thus, the size of the furnace differs. Contact an HVAC professional to find out which furnace size would best suit your area’s climate. 

Windows and doors

The house’s structure also plays an important role in determining the size of the furnace. Larger windows would require larger furnaces since heat is more likely to escape. The number of windows and doors also plays a part in how much heat will escape from the house and, thus, determining the furnace’s size. 


Ductwork is the line that supplies the heat from your furnace to the rest of the house. Ductwork can become weaker over time, and installing a large furnace can overexert the ductwork and cause greater damage. The size of your ductwork should be congruent to the size of the furnace. It is thus necessary that you contact an HVAC professional who would look into this factor before determining the size of your furnace. 

Age of your house

The age of your house also determines what size of ductwork you should go for. Older homes have less efficient ductwork, and thus installing huge furnaces will do more harm than good. At the same time, newer homes have better insulation and, thus, fewer areas for the heat to escape. Thus a smaller furnace will do. 

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