When should I replace my air conditioner?

Deciding to replace an old air conditioner (A/C) can be tough at times. Good, modern air conditioners can last up to fifteen years, hence, it becomes very important for one to choose the right unit according to their home’s cooling needs. This decision should not be rushed, but what if your A/C breaks down on a day with 100 degrees, you’ll need to make a quick choice.

 Just like other technical stuff, our A/C also shows signs that they’re dying and need to be replaced before actually breaking down. So, by paying some attention to the performance of your A/C you can get time to decide to replace your A/C and also can make a good choice for the same.

The health and efficiency of your A/C depend on many factors, including whether the unit is properly maintained throughout its life. If you exceed the annual turnover of your AC repair in Hesperia, the lifespan of your A/C may be shorter than intended. Lifetime can also be affected by how often you use the unit, how hot and humid it is in your area, and whether the unit was properly weighed whenever it was purchased for your home.

Here are some basic signs, which A/C would show if it’s on its end:-

  1. Your electricity bills have shot up: Until and unless there have been some changes and/or increase in the electrical products at your place, your electricity bill should not be increased all of a sudden. If you’re receiving increased electricity bills all of a sudden, and that also in the months of extreme heat and A/C usage, then it’s a clear sign that you need to replace your A/C. High bills show that it could be because of the A/C being malfunction or loss of efficiency. Energy bills often start to rise as the air conditioner wears out, so the two issues may be related.
  2. Your A/C collapses regularly: If your A/C is breaking down regularly and needs to be repaired in very short periods then it is a sign! If you get your A/C repaired annually by a qualified professional, your air conditioner should not experience any deterioration during the summer. Many common A/C problems are caused by a lack of maintenance, and keeping your unit maintained will prevent them. HVAC specialists can also foresee and fix any issues your A/C might face before the start of the summer season.
  3. Your A/C is 10+ years old: This can be called the most obvious sign, for you to prepare yourself to get a new A/C. As earlier the air conditioners were installed outside, they were exposed to extreme temperatures which eventually shortened their lifespan. Though modern A/Cs can live up to 15-20 years. Hence, age is an important as well as an obvious factor when it comes to deciding to install a new AC repair in Victorville CA at your place or not, the way you used and maintained it also plays an important role.