When to Call in the Pros for Heating Repairs

It seems inevitable. The weather turns frigid and that is when your heating systems decides to break down.

The first thought is to call in a reputable heating services in Hesperia, such as Taylor Made Air. However, there are some things the homeowner can do before calling in the pros. Depending on your heating system, you can replace fuses, change filters, or try to unclog drain lines.

Most other components, such as compressors, circuit boards, and coils should be left to an experienced, licensed, and insured technician with the training to diagnose and fix the problem promptly. Most common repairs involve the piping components and/or the electrical components.

Electrical System Problem Areas

You will need to call on a heating repairs service if your heater is experiencing problems with electrical components. These can include:

Fan motors, which include indoor air circulating and outdoor compressor fans. Dust buildup or outdoor weather conditions often contribute to their failure.

Capacitors, which help your HVAC motors start from being totally off. They can weaken over time, causing your motor to run hot and eventually to stop running completely

.Circuit boards, which control the operation of a furnace and monitors its safety functions. Solders can decay or be damaged by debris, which can cause a variety of problems, including a complete furnace shutdown.

Gas valves in gas furnaces, which can get stuck from sitting unused all summer. A stuck valve means no heat.

The compressor, which is the outdoor part of an HVAC system, can be damaged by electrical storms or fail due to problems with other components, such as the fan motor. It will need to be checked if it gets louder or decreases in performance.

Piping Problems

Heating systems can need repairs or replacement to various pipes in the system. Indoor and outdoor coils are heat transferring systems, which can become worn from the vibration of the compressor or spring a leak. Other problems can occur in the refrigerant metering device or the reversing valve, which switches the system from cooling to heating and back.

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