Why Does My Furnace Keep Clicking?

A furnace is our most trusted friend. Especially if we talk about the winter months, we can only trust this amazing appliance to bring us the right amount of warmth. Affording a furnace is not easy for everyone. If you, have it, count yourself lucky. Most furnace owners will keep the health of their furnaces in check at all times, as they should.

However, it doesn’t mean that every little problem occurring in your furnace should keep you worried. You can handle minor issues like furnace clicking on your own. We know the pain, though. This is why we decided to help you out with it, no matter how small or big it seems to you. Read along to make sure your questions about furnace clicking are wholly answered. And if your problem is not fixed then you can contact us for furnace repair Hesperia and nearby areas.

Reason Why Your Furnace Might Be Clicking

An intermittent or constant clicking of the furnace is a commonly faced issue, but it bothers most of us equally. Most people have no idea as to what the reason might be. We have listed six reasons below.

  • Your blower bearings are blocked:

The bearings of the blower help the blower run efficiently. If they are blocked because of dust or debris, clicking sounds are common. In this case, you might have to call a furnace repair technician. Make sure to get all the help you need.

  • Your gas valve is faulty:

If your furnace is not clicking at regular intervals, you could blame your gas valve for it. If the gas valve is faulty, it will tend to supply fuel to the burner and the pilot light even when it doesn’t need to be. This will instigate the pilot light to burn to cause a clicking sound. It can turn out to be dangerous as gas can easily leak out of a broken valve.

  • Your flame sensor is failing:

The job of a flame sensor is to check if there is a burner flame or not. The sensor shuts off the system if there is no flame. However, if the sensor is not working correctly, you will hear a clicking sound. You can take care of it easily by turning off the furnace and cleaning the sensor rod.

  • Your ignitor is problematic:

It is because of the ignitor that the pilot light inside the furnace keeps burning. If the ignitor is not working correctly, the burner won’t light up, and the furnace will make a weird sound instead.

  • Your draft inducer fan is loose:

The draft inducer fan cleans the gases in the furnace and provides oxygen to the burners. If the blades of this fan are loose, you might hear the clicking sound.

We hope to have cleared your doubts and queries by now. Moving on, if you are looking for furnace service in Apple Valley or Hesperia, make sure to come to Taylor Made Air. We make it our responsibility to give you the best heating and air conditioning Apple Valley CA that you deserve. So, give us a call on 760-241-0441 at the earliest.