Why Does the Fan of My Air Conditioner Keep Running?

An air conditioner is probably one of the most prized possessions in our homes. Especially in the summers, we start a never-ending love affair with our air conditioners. We try everything in our power to take its best care as it takes ours. After all, we put so much money into it. No one plans on buying a new air conditioner every year, anyway.

Even the smallest of the issues in our air conditioners bother us like anything. One of the most common concerns of air conditioner owners is that the fan inside keeps on running. If you are facing a similar issue, keep reading this article as we dive deeper into this problem.

What Happens When the Air Conditioner’s Fan Is On?

There can be several reasons behind your air conditioner fan being on. They are listed below.

  • You have switched your fan settings to “on.” If you put it on “auto,” the fan will only run when you switch on your air conditioner.
  • Your air conditioner is way too small for the area where you installed it. Also, your air conditioner might not be able to cope up with the extreme temperature. We are talking about excessive heat. This makes your air conditioner panic, which is why it runs the fan to reach the right temperature.
  • The thermostat inside your air conditioner could be at fault, and it might need replacement.
  • The relay switch is broken, or there is a short circuit. This prevents the commands on and off from reaching your fan.

What Can Be Done When the Air Conditioner Fan Remains Running?

Now that you know all the possible reasons why the fan inside your air conditioner remains running, you must be looking for the right reason. It could be anything, and you will keep on worrying until you figure it out. We have got your back. In the following steps, we will help you troubleshoot the root cause.

  • You can easily check if your air conditioner is set to “on.” Once you have established that, you will need to change it to “auto.”

This will ensure that your fan only runs when your air conditioner is turned on.

  • You need to turn the fan’s switch to “off,” then turn it on and put it on “auto.” Now, if your fan doesn’t turn “off” after the command, the thermostat needs to be replaced.
  • For thermostat replacement, you need to call a technician. Make sure you go to a reliable HVAC technician for the same.
  • Keep up with the maintenance of your air conditioner by scheduling regular HVAC system maintenance and HVAC services Apple Valley CA and nearby areas.

Upon reading everything that we had to say about this issue, you must have found the solution to your problem. Other than that, if you require AC repair Victorville CA or Hesperia, CA, waste no time in reaching out to Taylor Made Air. We ensure that your heating and air conditioning Apple Valley CA gets fixed quickly and efficiently. Call us at 760-241-0441 today.